Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

Flute Care & Maintenance Tips

Before you Play...

Wash your hands and face before attempting to play your flute. The dirt and oil can tarnish and damage the finish and mechanical parts. If wearing jewelry, make sure that it doesn’t touch the flute. Rings and bracelets can scratch the surface of the flutes finish. It’s best to remove them before playing.  Be sure to check the instrument for any issues, whether it be dings, dents or dirt. Be aware of your surroundings, even light bumps can do more damage then you'd think.


When Taking apart or putting together your flute, remember to do so with care. A gentle pull and twisting motion will separate the pieces without force. Avoid grabbing the keys in the process as they are fragile and can be damaged. If the pieces seem tight, try wiping down the joints to remove excess build up. No lubricants are necessary in order to put together a flute. * If this is your first time assembling, please wait for your teachers instructions before attempting.

  • Attach headjoint to the body
  • Line up the Embourchure hole with the keys
  • Attach the footjoint to the body, lining up the first footjoint key with the right side of the body key


Thoroughly cleaning your flute after each use is important to keeping the flute in top playing condition and to avoid wear. Cleaning solutions such as water-based or alcohol cleaners are not necessary and can harm the instrument. Remember not to squeeze the keys while cleaning, they are fragile and can be easily bent.

  • For the Exterior: A microfiber cloth gently wiped over the body and ends will clear off any dirt and fingerprints.  Please use a cloth made specifically for instruments.
  • For the Interior: A flute cleaning rod, with cloth attached, can be inserted and gently twisted. The cleaning rod should be done for each piece separately.  This can be done multiple times until clear.
  • For the Embouchure (and tight places): A cotton swab can be gently used to remove excess dirt.

Care Tips

Keeping your Flute clean and protected will help avoid unnecessary wear  and allow it to perform at its best at all times. Here are some general tips to keep it operating properly.

  • When not in use always store the flute in its case. When being stored, keep the case (and flute) out of extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Although the cases are strong, avoid bumping or dropping the cases. The instruments are fragile and can still be damaged if not transported safely.
  • It’s advised that you get your flute professionally maintained once a year to make sure it’s in top playing condition and to prevent major damage.
  • Never lay books or other accessories over the flute in the case.  The pressure when closed can damage the instrument.


If you experience a problem or situation that is not covered here, or you think that your flute needs professional care, please reach out below.


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