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Questions? Call us at 609-888-3074

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Yamaha YTR-8335RGS Pro BB Xeno Trumpet (Shotblast) - Used

Item ID: ISS7096B


Product Details

The "Shotblast" Xeno trumpet brings together a unique new look with the superb handcraftsmanship of the Xeno trumpet. In contrast to the shiny look of traditional silver and lacquer finishes, the Shotblast Xeno trumpet reveals a softer, satiny look.

The finish on any particular instrument effects the overall sound that particular instrument produces. The Shotblast finish presents a darker sound making the trumpet more versatile from genre to genre. The Shotblast, "Matte" finish is applied to the YTR-8335RG Xeno trumpet.

The trumpet features a reversed-style tuning slide, which facilitates quicker response and playing agility while allowing for a longer leadpipe taper to produce more stable, even intonation. These heavyweight trumpets are designed for those who desire power and projection along with a warm, dark sound. The distinctive Shotblast Xeno trumpet is the ideal instrument with which to accentuate your musical individuality.

Key of Bb
Bore ML: 0.459"
Bell Diameter 4 7/8"
Leadpipe Gold Brass
Body Material Yellow Brass
Bell Material Gold Brass; One-Piece
Weight Heavy
Key Buttons Mother of pearl
Finish Silver
Pistons/ Valves Monel; Two piece valve casings
Mouthpiece 16C4-HGP
Features Reverse tuning slide and longer, extra heavy mouthpipe

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